SSI’S Strategic Executive Search Process

  1. MethodologyIdentification of client’s selection criteria through in-depth needs discovery interviews
  2. Determination of search classification
    1. retained
    2. exclusive contingency
  3. Identification of client’s interview methodology
  4. Establishment of compensation structure and analysis relative to industry averages
  5. Development of job description
  6. Creation of opportunity and employer brand attributes for candidates
  7. Presentation of recruiting process
    1. Publicity/Advertisements
    2. Parameters for targeted local, regional and national presentations of opportunity
    3. Database review
    4. Social media strategies
  8. Implementation of tactical recruitment strategies
  9. Completion of candidate screening interviews relative to client’s selection criteria
  10. Creation of Executive Summary and submission with resume/CV
  11. Completion of professional reference checks
  12. Management and coordination of interview process
  13. Presentation of employment offer to selected candidate
  14. Communication of decision to candidates not selected
  15. Consultation with candidate on resignation process and negating counter-offers